Base Level Doors

Our base level package comes with a beetle-kill pine base with horizontal cross slats at the top and bottom along with the stain color of your choice.  


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Elaborate Trim Doors

A great way to add some pop to your door is to go with a more elaborate trim style.  Adding trim creates a more substantial door and can accentuate your space with accent lines. You can go a more linear route with rectangular trim, or get a more traditional style barn door by adding some “X” or “Z” patterns to your trim.


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Glass & Metal Accent Doors

If you are looking for something truly unique consider going this route.  From setting antique windows, mounting full-length mirrors or even plating with copper, aluminum or steel, these accents make your door into a truly original piece of art.


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We carry a large array of antique handles in stock as well as some more basic options for the cost conscious shopper.  Can’t find what you are looking for? Hop on etsy or amazon and find something that matches your aesthetic and we will install it for you.


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We offer two styles of tracks for our doors.  The vast majority of our doors are mounted to exposed caster angle iron tracks.  These tracks are made in our shop from American Made Steel and cut to size for each project.  The casters ride along the top of the track creating a more rustic look for your track. The other option we carry is a box rail track.  These tracks are square steel tubes which the casters sit inside. They provide a more industrial look and are great for doors installed with limited wall space above the door frame.


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